Python 3 for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)


RobotPy is a community of FIRST mentors and students dedicated to developing python-related projects for the FIRST Robotics Competition. The primary project we develop is a port of Python 3 and WPILib to the RoboRIO & cRio (obsolete) platforms, intended for use in FRC. Teams can use this to write their robot code in Python, a powerful dynamic programming language.


  • Python is simple to learn and easy to maintain.
  • RobotPy lets you reload code without restarting (live reloads).
  • RobotPy lets you test and simulate your robot code on your laptop
  • RobotPy provides access to WPILib in addition to the Python standard library.
  • No programming software is required; just a text editor!

To get started, see our getting started guide (what else?).

RobotPy Logos

Neil Chen designed an awesome logo for us to use, and it’s available for use under a Creative Commons license. Stick a ‘powered by RobotPy’ logo on your robot today!