Python 3 for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

Robotpy Projects

RobotPy is home to several FRC-related python projects:

  • RobotPy WPILib: the python implementation of WPILib for FRC
  • pyfrc: provides unit testing, realtime robot simulation, and easy upload capabilities for your RobotPy code
  • robotpy-wpilib-utilities: Community focused extensions for WPILib

We also maintain python wrappers for several FRC vendor libraries:

RobotPy is home to several python projects that are useful for teams, even if they aren’t writing their robot code in python:

  • pynetworktables: python bindings for NetworkTables that you can use to communcate with SmartDashboard and/or your robot.
  • pynetworktables2js: Forwards NetworkTables traffic to a web page, allowing you to write custom dashboards for your robot using HTML/Javascript
  • pynetconsole: A simple netconsole implementation in python
  • roborio-opencv: OpenCV binaries for RoboRIO
  • roborio-vm: Scripts to create a QEMU virtual machine from the RoboRIO image file
  • roborio-docker: Create an ARM docker image from the RoboRIO image file

And, other projects:

  • RobotPy Eclipse Plugins - If you want to develop RobotPy code with Eclipse, we’ve developed some plugins that provide tight integration with the FRC tools and pyfrc.
  • robotpy-frcsim: FRCSim/gazebo connection for python code

All RobotPy source code can be found on our github site.