Python 3 for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

Robotpy Projects

RobotPy is home to several FRC-related python projects:

  • RobotPy WPILib: the python implementation of WPILib for FRC
  • roborio-packages: Various python packages for roboRIO platform installable by opkg, including the python interpreter and numpy
  • pyfrc: provides unit testing, realtime robot simulation, and easy upload capabilities for your RobotPy code
  • robotpy-wpilib-utilities: Community focused extensions for WPILib
  • robotpy-ctre: wrappers for the CTRE 3rd party libraries
  • robotpy-frcsim: FRCSim/gazebo connection for python code

RobotPy is home to several python projects that are useful for teams, even if they aren’t writing their robot code in python:

  • pynetworktables: python bindings for NetworkTables that you can use to communcate with SmartDashboard and/or your robot.
  • pynetworktables2js: Forwards NetworkTables traffic to a web page, allowing you to write custom dashboards for your robot using HTML/Javascript
  • pynetconsole: A simple netconsole implementation in python
  • roborio-opencv: OpenCV binaries for RoboRIO
  • roborio-vm: Scripts to create a QEMU virtual machine from the RoboRIO image file
  • roborio-docker: Create an ARM docker image from the RoboRIO image file

And, other projects:

  • RobotPy Eclipse Plugins - If you want to develop RobotPy code with Eclipse, we’ve developed some plugins that provide tight integration with the FRC tools and pyfrc.

All RobotPy source code can be found on our github site.