Python 3 for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

RobotPy 2018 releases

I’ve gotten pretty lazy at updating this website, but we’ve had a ton of releases this year already. Be sure to update to the latest release of each RobotPy product that you’re using! s

RobotPy 2017.0.5 critical bugfix release

This is a critical bugfix release for all RobotPy teams. hal.initialize() was being called twice, which can lead to unpredictable and unspecified behaviors.

This also includes some minor updates:

  • Upgrade to HAL 2017.2.1
  • Will log versions of third party libraries at startup if they support a new robotpy extension point
  • Fix SendableChooser to match WPILib Java behavior

All RobotPy teams are strongly urged to upgrade.

RobotPy 2017.0.1 critical bugfix release now available

robotpy-ctre provides support for the Talon SRX. The install process is a bit rough and simulation doesn’t work in pyfrc yet (someone just needs to take the time to do it), but I wanted to get this out now so people could try it. We’ll fix the installer and the simulator soon.

RobotPy 2017.0.1 critical bugfix release now available

This fixes two major bugs in the original RobotPy release:

  • #246 The installer did not work properly on systems without an ssh configuration file, or on Windows
  • #243 Robot code would fail at system start due to a bug in the python 3.6 random module (thanks to @auscompgeek for finding the fix!)

All RobotPy users should upgrade to this latest version of RobotPy.