Python 3 for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

RobotPy Community

The RobotPy project was started in 2010, and since then the community surrounding RobotPy has continued to grow!

If you need support, you can find it in the following locations

Release Announcements

During the build season, we post release announcements to the ChiefDelphi Python forum and to the RobotPy mailing list, particularly if critical bugs are fixed.

If you’re on a team that uses RobotPy, we highly recommend subscribing to our mailing list.


During the FRC Build Season, some RobotPy developers may be able to be reached on the RobotPy Gitter Channel. Note: the channel is not very active, but if you stick around long enough someone will probably answer your question – think in terms of email response time

Teams that use RobotPy

Here is a list of teams that are known to have used RobotPy over the years, and that have publicly released their source code for others to learn from. Is your team using RobotPy? Add it to the list by editing this page on github!

2020 (3 teams)

2019 (9 teams)

2018 (46 teams)

2017 (29 teams)

2016 (23 teams)

2015 (14 teams)

2014 (12 teams)

2013 (4 teams)

2012 (3 teams)

2011 (2 teams)