Python 3 for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

RobotPy 2023 is now available

We’re happy to announce the release of RobotPy for 2023! Just pip3 install robotpy and you’re off and running! Well, read the install guide.

  • All WPILib 2023.1.1 features are available
  • Commands v1 is gone (yay) but Commands v2 is available
  • CTRE, PWFusion, REV vendors are available
  • robotpy-cscore has wheels now for desktop platforms, which makes it much easier to install
  • robotpy-apriltag is a thing now, check it out
  • pyntcore no longer requires pynetworktables and replaces it. Lots of API changes here because of NT4
  • Our examples repository has a lot more examples! Thanks especially to @BerkeSinanYetkin and @mrguisamuel

Python is not an official FRC language yet, but we are working with the WPILib team to make it official in 2024. See for the announcement.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!